The Indoor Golf Experience

We seek interested parties to participate in funding a revolutionary new golfing concept. Our venture, The Indoor Golf Experience (IGE), adds a whole new dimension to playing golf by making it more fun, for more people, more often.

Through the technology of proprietary “True Flight” simulators and IGE's vision and innovation, we've designed a top-of-the-line entertainment complex where up to 60 foursomes can simultaneously play a round of golf on one of more than 100 famous courses in under 2 hours, in ideal conditions any time of day, alone or with friends. Food and beverage are available on call, and the golfer's every need is catered to by our hostesses and professional staff.

We will employ intensive and on-going marketing, promotion, and customer service programs to attain and sustain average occupancy at more than 50%, producing net monthly positive cash flow of more than $370,000. Based on an initial funding of $3.4 million, this will translate into an operating breakeven early in year 2, and will repay the debt plus interest by year 4. We will leverage our unique market position and proprietary technology by rolling out new facilities across the country almost solely from generated cash flow.

Please contact us for our Business Plan and with comments and expressions of interest.

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"These projections represent The Indoor Golf Experience's best current estimates of the immediate future potential of the business. It must be recognized that no business is free of major risks and few projections are free of errors of omission or commission. Management, while exercising its best efforts, makes no guarantees or warrantees as to the accuracy of these projections which should be regarded as having been based on Management's good faith efforts and are to be regarded as estimates, not guarantees or promises. Therefore, investors should be aware that this business has inherent risks that must be fully evaluated and discussed with management and experts fully capable of interpreting the information prior to any investment."

The Indoor Golf Experience
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