The Indoor Golf Experience
Summary Sheet

What it is

  • 100,000 sq ft upscale, suburban entertainment complex devoted to playing indoor golf

  • 60 Custom Golf Simulators deliver every course playing experience except rain

  • 150+ different course can be played using own clubs & ball, or rentals, in less than 2 hours

  • Food & beverage service on demand

  • First Class Restaurant, Pro shop, on-premise Day Care center

  • Unique concept nothing similar in Greater Atlanta area or anywhere

Why it will be successful

  • First class facility

  • Service, service, service

  • Atlanta upscale demographics, legendary test market status equates to high trial rate

  • Promotions, Events, Competitions, Training

  • Family friendly

  • Individually cater to multiple markets avid golfers, business professionals, youth, housewives, tourists

  • Unique full service sports venue vigorously marketed as a major community asset

Financials & Investment Opportunities

  • Partnering opportunities with golf industry manufacturers, associations, charities

  • First unit costs $3.4 million to build, equip, and start-up in 4 equal quarterly payments

  • Operations are cash flow positive in 4th month after opening

  • Payback with interest completed in year 4

  • Subsequent units can be rolled out with minimal new investment, financed primarily out of generated cash